Trent University Prolong Travel Mug

Trent University Prolong Travel Mug

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Finally, the travel mug to enjoy while travelling.

A perfect functional accessory for Trent students and alumni, this special edition Prolong Travel Mug — a nod to Trent University, where the mug was designed and developed — comes with a Trent green shell and an emblazoned Trent University logo.

The Prolong Travel Mug™ cools your hot beverage to a safe 65°C within minutes, and maintains an optimum drinking temperature (65°C – 50°C) for several hours. 

Featuring robust stainless-steel construction, the Prolong Travel Mug™ employs 100% passive technology, and uses a non-toxic, soybean-based Phase Change Material that is both sustainable and biodegradable.